Prototype screens – AWS Data Exchange MVP

This page will walk through the main prototype screens for AWS Data Exchange GA launch.

This is a small sampling of the projects, but can provide more background as to research, design, and development if needed.

The product structure design and workflows were designed to be flexible and extensible as the product evolves over time as the product evolves with new features.
Setting up the information architecture, I had to identify where the touchpoints were based on customer expectations. Data Exchange lives within AWS Marketplace as well and having a seamless navigation to<>from Marketplace is important so that customers don’t have to be authenticated to view products.

AWS Data Exchange is unique in that a data provider can also be a data subscriber within the same account. I designed the IA to do both.

A wizard was implemented when creating a new product. I designed the wizard to be able to scale for multiple product types. In the design files, I add annotations for review from bar raisers or my devs.

One of the additions in this project was Mistral (data coverage), which is the ability for a provider to restrict their data set information based on revision publishing time. This was a complex unique feature that required custom functionality and development to accomplish based on customer expectation.

Data product details dashboards contain all the information necessary for that product and has tools to edit or view metrics. All functionality is available in the UI and matched using APIs.

Now that the product is created from the publisher, the subscriber has the opportunity to subscribe to the data feed.

In this example, because a provider created a private product and sent it to a specific AWS account for a subscriber, the subscriber can now see the custom offer that was created for the product and subscribe to it.

Subscribing is as easy as one click.

Once subscribed, a customer can view all their entitled data. This component was designed and built custom to give a customer a view of all their data subscriptions and has a unique information architecture embedded into the tool to be able to easily find subscriptions and dive into data revisions.

A few other functions not displayed in this post include expiring an private offer to a subscriber and edit functionality for a product and for an offer for a data provider.