Prototype screens – AWS Service Quotas

This page will walk through the main prototype screens for AWS Service Quotas design. It was originally done in Sketch.

Intro screen

Dashboard highlights often-used services and services that may be reaching a limit within their bounds.

User scans services which initiates APIs to scan for limits.

Service limits have been identified and the customer can address if they want to submit a limit increase.

Dashboard preferences enable customers to set their top 9 most important services.

9 Services were chosen based on research of customer expectations (5) and design real estate on desktop.

This launch included a handful of projects, all having to be designed in parallel. The 2nd portion of this involved added scope of setting limit increases through AWS Organizations when creating a new AWS account. This allowed Org admins the ability to generate accounts with their prescribed limits so they wouldn’t run into known limits later down the line which could break production work.

Information architecture to identify where and how the new functionality would exist.

Educating the customer about how the feature works and prerequisites.

Not all regions have all services and limits differ depending on region. Therefore, I used progressive disclosure to help the customer build their limit template. This was necessary because each of the following inputs relied on the previous one.

The customer can set their limit preferences using a visual editor or JSON and switch back and forth.

Intentional friction using a modal to educate the customer of the impact to their organization.

The template has been successfully created and enabled.