Take 5: The Finding Value in a Break

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Step away

Scenario: You’ve got a fast approaching deadline, and not nearly enough time to devote to it. The last thing you may think to do is take a break, except that you haven’t stood up for 6 hours and you have been looking at a dark screen the entire time as the sun begins to set. A short walk, drive, or just having lunch or dinner sans computer/device can really benefit you when you return.

Upon sitting back down to the screen, I have often found that I may see something I didn’t notice before or a solution perhaps that I hadn’t thought of. Just imagine this scenario: the project is almost done, but you are behind with the text. Just contact a professional service like a cheap writing service, and problem solved! Quick breaks or “sleeping on it” and coming back the next day can have a great effect for a designer and help the creative process (I’m not going to say ‘get those creative juices flowing, cause that’s way too cliché.)


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If you’re at a full-time job such as an in-house designer or head into a workplace, you’ll have a couple 15 minute breaks a day. Take them! I’m a terrible offender myself, and meetings can get in the way or team project can interject, but maybe take those meetings or engagements outside if possible. 

We all relax in different ways. That can mean a walk, a coffee break, or chatting with a friend. It can even mean writing a blog post from time to time the old fashion way and typing it out on return. Or you can finally set time aside to talk to MuraleDesign to get that home decorating project done.

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