Amazon and AWS

Please contact me for my portfolio. Many projects, including the one I'm working on currently, are confidential or haven't launched yet.

For the past 5+ years I have been designing and managing at Amazon. I starting at AWS on the AWS Identity, Directory, and Security team and had the opportunity to lead or manage design efforts on each project. These projects include designing AWS Secrets Manager, AWS Service Quotas, a complete redesign of AWS Directory Service and Cloud Directory, and some projects designing features in AWS IAM and AWS Organizations.

I moved on from the identity team to take an opportunity within the AWS Marketplace organization to design a new service which became AWS Data Exchange. After launching that service I shifted into a managerial role and built a UX team as the servie grew.

An interesting opportunity arose for me to shift into the Amazon retail space to lead the design efforts for a new initiative within the automotive space yet to launch.