Brand Identity

Bear Group needed a designer to help shore up their brand assets and identity for a new shift in their marketing materials. I helped develop assets in coordination with the Marketing Director to define the look of the organization's internal blog, ads, whitepapers, and case studies. We communicated with JIRA and had assistance from their content marketing manager.

bear blog

Bear Ideas Blog

Bear Group was planning on rebranding and developing their blog to better align with their look. I provided options for their overall images and front facing graphics based on a cost/efficiency strategy of sourcing images and other graphic assets.

I went through quite a few comps and iterations with feedback from the Marketing Director to really refine the look and feel of the blog to be consistant. Once we had a direction established, assets are created for each blog post to extend through mediums such as social media, ads, and email newsletters.

Case Studies & White Papers

bear presentations

The organization needed assistance in displaying case studies in a digital and presentation format along with a whitepaper template for future potential clients on their business capabilities.

bear presentations

I created a modular template in keynote which ended up being about 50 total slides that the internal staff would be able to display during client meetings based on their content. This would help them iterate on the initial design I did in the future and give them longevity to recreate presentation materials for future presentations.

Gift Box

bear gift boxEarly prototype

A fun chalenge was designing a gift box for the organization that they would send out to clients. We used a local (Seattle) company to give us a box template based on our needs and I went through a few iterations and prototypes before landing on a final design. We ended up doing two different versions; One with just a coffee mug that was produced in Ohio and the other with a coffee mug and a bag of coffee to accompany it.

  • Role: Designer
  • Project: Brand Identity and Assets
  • Year: 2016-2017